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Printer Maintenance 101 from Experts in Printer Sales and Service in Phoenix, AZ

June 15, 2018

Commercial printers are major investments. Unfortunately, like most other forms of technology, printers have a tendency to break down and malfunction, leaving you frustrated if you aren’t sure how to fix them. One of the best ways to prevent printer malfunctions is to maintain them regularly. Not only will printer maintenance prevent troublesome breakdowns, but it will extend the life of your machine and help you get your money’s worth from your investment. Although some business owners think printer maintenance is extremely complex, we’re here to let you know that it is actually pretty simple! By using some of these... View Article

Guide to Buying the Right Printer

June 1, 2018

Although we live in an increasingly digital world, businesses still rely on printed pages to keep hard copies of important documents, create promotional materials, print legal documents and much more. A printer is a staple in nearly every business, large or small, but choosing the right one can be a challenge. It may be tempting for the average business owner to get the cheapest printer on the market, or to buy the complex, high-tech printer that does everything imaginable. However, you might be wasting valuable dollars by buying a printer that doesn’t meet your specific business needs. Before you run... View Article

What Is Printer Ink Made Of?

May 9, 2018

You hit “print.” Almost like magic, a sheet of paper appears from the printer with the words and images from your screen. Have you ever wondered what the printer uses to place these letters and pictures on the paper? If you’re like most people, you only think about printer ink when you have to change the cartridge. Even then, you might not know exactly what you’re putting in the machine. Your printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ offers the following overview to provide insight into the mysteries of printer ink. What is ink? Ink is a dye or pigment, either organic... View Article

Easy Multifunction Printer Maintenance Tips from Your Printer Store in Phoenix, AZ

April 25, 2018

If you own a printer, you’ve made a significant investment in your home or commercial office. You want to get optimal use from the machine and extend its longevity. Doing so requires proper maintenance of the printer. To many, this means changing the ink and paper. In fact, there are a few more tasks you should complete to ensure top performance from your machine. Use the following tips from your printer store in Phoenix, AZ to keep your machine running smoothly. Pristine Interior How often do you clean your print head and printer interior? These tasks are essential for optimal... View Article

Will Printer Sales and Service in Phoenix, AZ Become Obsolete?

April 13, 2018

As we use digital devices and documents more and more, you may wonder whether printer sales and service in Phoenix, AZ will soon become obsolete. Does anyone actually print anything anymore? What uses will printers and copiers have if we email instead of fax? If we text instead of mail, do we need machines to print on paper? While technology has transformed office work, printers still have their place, and they will in the future as well. Here’s what experts are predicting for the future of the printer industry. A Decrease in Paper Printing The Institute of Electrical and Electronics... View Article