Will Printer Sales and Service in Phoenix, AZ Become Obsolete?

Will Printer Sales and Service in Phoenix, AZ Become Obsolete?

April 13, 2018

As we use digital devices and documents more and more, you may wonder whether printer sales and service in Phoenix, AZ will soon become obsolete. Does anyone actually print anything anymore? What uses will printers and copiers have if we email instead of fax? If we text instead of mail, do we need machines to print on paper?

While technology has transformed office work, printers still have their place, and they will in the future as well. Here’s what experts are predicting for the future of the printer industry.

A Decrease in Paper Printing

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers predicts that today’s printers will be obsolete in about four years. They believe the need for printing anything on inkjet and laser jet printers will no longer exist. Instead, they claim we will review and access all documents digitally.

This is certainly the current trend. A large number of business deals are transacted via digital documents and e-signatures. Fewer piles of paper are printed, collated and collected. However, not all tasks are accomplished paper-free, and printers and copiers still see a lot of activity around the globe.

An Increase in 3D Printing

While experts say not every home will have its own 3D printer in the foreseeable future, the demand for this service will increase. For example, most commercial establishments may have these machines. Consumers will look to these businesses to produce the 3D prints they need. Chefs and restaurants may use them to create detailed desserts. Furniture stores may use them to create custom pieces.

This supply of 3D printers will continue to be limited due to their affordability at their current stage in development. Down the line, it’s possible they will become cheaper and will be found in more homes. After all, the printers we see in most homes today were once large machines that cost thousands of dollars, before developers found a way to make them more efficient and affordable.

A Stable Service Field

As many businesses and individuals continue to use their printers and copiers for various purposes, printer sales and service in Phoenix, AZ will continue to be in demand. However, the type of service will likely evolve as the printing industry changes. As technology advances, so will services. For example, rather than repairs for laser printers, companies may offer service for 3D printers. Technicians will learn new skills and adapt with the developments, just as they have with previous advances in printing technology.

Meanwhile, as many businesses and homeowners continue to use their individual printers, service companies will continue to provide the support and machines they need.

Service for Past, Present and Future

Arizona Copier Outlet has been providing printer sales and service in Phoenix, AZ since 1986. We are the go-to source for all your printer and copier needs. As technology advances, so do we. Our customers can count on our technicians for their in-depth knowledge of the latest machines and capabilities. We look forward to continuing to exceed customer expectations today and into the future.

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