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How to Keep Your Printers and Copiers Dust-Free

April 9, 2019

If you have a printer or copier, you want to feel confident that you can rely on it to deliver efficient and effective operation and performance every time you use it. Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle with problems with their printers and copiers because they neglect copier maintenance in Phoenix, AZ. To keep your copier in the best condition possible, it’s essential that you know how to properly clean and care for your machine. The importance of dust control Dust control is incredibly important when it comes to keeping your printer in the best possible working condition. When dust... View Article

What to Do When Print Quality Suddenly Gets Bad

December 20, 2018

Printers can really test your patience. A misbehaving printer that refuses to print or continuously jams can make you eager to throw it out the window. Unfortunately, we do need printers for both business and personal use. One of the most frustrating issues is when you pull the paper out of the tray, only to find that the image or text is smudged, distorted, faded or of low quality. This can make documents look unprofessional, sloppy and even illegible. The key is to take a deep breath and try to diagnose and repair the issue. Try to troubleshoot the problem... View Article

How to Fix Those Lines on Your Copies with Simple Copier Repair in Phoenix, AZ

November 8, 2018

You click “print,” and your copy shoots out of the machine. You grab your document, and you’re disappointed to discover that an unsightly line is present in the middle of the paper. What was going to be a formal document is now ruined by this unprofessional-looking eyesore. The document is difficult to read and impossible to submit for your project. Why did this happen? Do you need copier repair in Phoenix, AZ? Fortunately, this common problem has simple causes and solutions. In fact, you probably won’t need professional copier repair in Phoenix, AZ! Use the following quick solution to take... View Article

Take Advantage of Summer Break for Copier Repair in Phoenix, AZ

May 26, 2017

With the school year winding down and summer on the way, it’s a convenient time to make sure all office equipment is in good working order. Getting repairs done during the summer can help ensure that everything will be ready to go when the new school year begins in the fall. Copiers in particular often require maintenance after a busy school year. Teachers and administrators alike rely on copiers on a daily basis, so it’s not surprising that problems might arise by the time summer rolls around. Here are a few common issues that might necessitate a call for copier... View Article

When Should You Choose Copier Repair in Phoenix, AZ Over Replacement?

April 27, 2017

Over time, your office copier will break down. The decision you need to make is whether you should invest in copier repair in Phoenix, AZ or replace your machine with a newer model. There are several deciding factors to keep in mind when it comes to copier repair or replacement that will help you choose which option is right for your business. Analyze repair cost One of the biggest deciding factors in determining whether you should have copier repair in Phoenix, AZ or opt for replacement is the total cost of the repairs. If the repairs are significant, you may... View Article

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