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Maintaining Your Printer Via the Printer’s Settings

August 23, 2018

All printers needs some standard maintenance to stay in good operational condition, especially when they’ve been in operation for a long time. The occasional tune-up can help prevent unnecessary repairs or part replacements that could cost you quite a bit of money. Some maintenance, including aligning the print head and minor cleaning of the nozzles, can even be performed from the printer’s drivers. You can access maintenance tools for your printer via the driver or your computer system’s printer control panel. Once you begin a maintenance procedure, let it complete its full cycle before you turn the printer off. Here’s... View Article

Signs Your Office Needs a Printer Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ

September 1, 2015

Countless workers in the U.S. rely on printers to help them complete daily office tasks. When a printer breaks down, it can seriously slow or even stop office functioning and delay a company’s goals. Because printers are such an integral part of an office’s success, it is best to be proactive when mechanical issues start to appear. Taking action to repair a printer before it completely fails can prevent wasted time, money and employee strain. It is important to recognize the warning signals of a malfunctioning printer so that you can seek professional assistance as soon as possible. The following... View Article

Common Printer Problems Seen By a Printer Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ

June 1, 2015

Printers can be bewildering. “It won’t print” is a frequent lament in many offices, along with changes in print quality and slow performance. While a printer repair service in Phoenix, AZ can offer some technical support and help set up your new printer, there are some issues that you may be able to solve on your own. These are some of the most common ones that arise with computer printers. “Fuzzy” letters When a page prints the “fuzzy” letters, the words and graphics lack a sharp edge and the presentation just appears amateur. Fortunately, fuzzy letters do not have much... View Article

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