Common Printer Problems Seen By a Printer Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ

Common Printer Problems Seen By a Printer Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ

June 1, 2015

Printers can be bewildering. “It won’t print” is a frequent lament in many offices, along with changes in print quality and slow performance. While a printer repair service in Phoenix, AZ can offer some technical support and help set up your new printer, there are some issues that you may be able to solve on your own. These are some of the most common ones that arise with computer printers.

“Fuzzy” letters

When a page prints the “fuzzy” letters, the words and graphics lack a sharp edge and the presentation just appears amateur. Fortunately, fuzzy letters do not have much to do with the printer at all. Since paper can absorb moisture from its environment, it will take that with it when it is time to print your documents. If you see your print quality lose sharpness, check your paper storage area to see if any water heaters, air conditioning units and even plumbing may be exposing it to damp air.

Faint and sharp lines

The white lines down the page annoy many workers. If it is faint, a part called the transfer corotron is likely dirty. This important wire charges the paper for laser printing and if toner particles and dust contaminate it, it creates faint white lines. Sharper lines show a likely blockage in the developer unit, which handles toner for printers. On some printers you can see the developer unit and the blockage, which allows you to remove it yourself. Otherwise, you will need to call a printer repair service specialist to give it a cleaning.

Print quality too light

If your document fonts are more gray than black, this can be due to two issues. One is that some laser printers have a density control, which may be set too low. Consult your owner’s manual and see if this can be changed. The other is a photoreceptor wearing out and sending less toner to the paper. Increasing the density will work in the short term until this part requires replacement.

Also, some printer models seem to print lighter in higher-altitude areas. If that is the case with your office, you may have to adjust density and invest in toner more frequently.

Using aftermarket ink and toner

There are frequent complaints about the cost of ink and toner. In offices that print and make copies frequently, these expenses start to wear people down, driving them to look into third party vendors who make generic products. The problem with aftermarket ink or toner is that it does not measure up in quality to the brand name products. Also, some printers function best when their own brand name ink is used.

With the quality not measuring up, and the products also not being a match, aftermarket product use frequently leads to repair issues. Systems will gum up as these products often create more debris within the printer. Drums, photoreceptors and other parts in the printer will become too contaminated to repair and will require replacement. While the cost of the ink or toner may seem irritating and prohibitive, avoid the siren call of the discount products. Saving money there means costly repairs later.

If you are looking to improve your print quality, talk to a printer repair service in Phoenix, AZ today. At Arizona Copier Outlet, we can perform maintenance, offer repairs or help you replace your printer.

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