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Printer Maintenance 101 from Experts in Printer Sales and Service in Phoenix, AZ

June 15, 2018

Commercial printers are major investments. Unfortunately, like most other forms of technology, printers have a tendency to break down and malfunction, leaving you frustrated if you aren’t sure how to fix them. One of the best ways to prevent printer malfunctions is to maintain them regularly. Not only will printer maintenance prevent troublesome breakdowns, but it will extend the life of your machine and help you get your money’s worth from your investment. Although some business owners think printer maintenance is extremely complex, we’re here to let you know that it is actually pretty simple! By using some of these... View Article

Will Printer Sales and Service in Phoenix, AZ Become Obsolete?

April 13, 2018

As we use digital devices and documents more and more, you may wonder whether printer sales and service in Phoenix, AZ will soon become obsolete. Does anyone actually print anything anymore? What uses will printers and copiers have if we email instead of fax? If we text instead of mail, do we need machines to print on paper? While technology has transformed office work, printers still have their place, and they will in the future as well. Here’s what experts are predicting for the future of the printer industry. A Decrease in Paper Printing The Institute of Electrical and Electronics... View Article

A Brief History of Printers: From Inkjet to Laser to Modern Printer Sales and Service in Phoenix, AZ

February 9, 2018

Many inventions throughout history have brought about positive change, including the invention of the printer. What follows is a brief history of printers, ranging from inkjet printers and laser printers to modern day printer sales and service in Phoenix, AZ. The importance of printing There was a time way back when printing was unknown to the world. Few people knew how to read and write, because books were luxuries mostly afforded to the upper class, university professors and church officials. Then printing was invented—not electric printing yet—and people wanted to learn. Books became cheaper to acquire, meaning more people could... View Article

The History of Printers and Modern Printer Sales and Service in Phoenix, AZ

August 25, 2017

Technology has come a long way, even in just the last few decades. In a little over half a century, we have gone from remedial computers that weighed over 30 tons, took up entire floors and had only about one megabyte of storage to supercomputing machines that can store countless of megabytes, fit in your pocket and weigh only a few ounces. Another piece of technology that has come into its own in the digital age is the printer. From humble beginnings, the printer has become an incredibly efficient method of mass production of things like books, newspapers, magazines, posters... View Article

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