A Brief History of Printers: From Inkjet to Laser to Modern Printer Sales and Service in Phoenix, AZ

A Brief History of Printers: From Inkjet to Laser to Modern Printer Sales and Service in Phoenix, AZ

February 9, 2018

Many inventions throughout history have brought about positive change, including the invention of the printer. What follows is a brief history of printers, ranging from inkjet printers and laser printers to modern day printer sales and service in Phoenix, AZ.

The importance of printing

There was a time way back when printing was unknown to the world. Few people knew how to read and write, because books were luxuries mostly afforded to the upper class, university professors and church officials. Then printing was invented—not electric printing yet—and people wanted to learn. Books became cheaper to acquire, meaning more people could get their hands on them and improve their reading skills, and learning to read meant an easier time learning how to write. Books steadily became the norm in schools, changing children’s lives for the better.

The developments of various methods of printing throughout history have made reading on different platforms—including newspapers, magazines and books—more accessible. Printers and copiers made it possible to manufacture many copies of the same book for distribution; libraries had copies of books to lend out to the public. Thanks to the further development of the printer, we continue to enjoy printed books and other types of publications today.

Before printing was invented, many people had little to no idea of the world other than the area where they lived in. The means to communicate was poor, which led to a serious lack of understanding in their own communities and of people in other parts of the world. Today, many people have access to books, magazines and more; print has made communication, understanding and learning simpler.

Inkjet printers

Inkjet printing was a concept developed in the early 1950s, but it wasn’t until the late 1970s that inkjet printers could print out digital images made by a computer. Several companies collaborated on this project, so many get credit for the invention of the inkjet printer, including HP, Canon and Epson.

Inkjet printers appeared on the market in the late 1980s, which was more than 20 years after their development began. This was because companies making the printer had to figure out a way to create an affordable piece of equipment that was reliable and would result in high-quality prints.

Laser printers

The laser printer has been around for nearly 50 years, creating clear images and crisp text reproductions for professionals at the office and individuals at home. It quickly evolved into a popular printing technology around the world.

In 1976, the first commercial laser printer was released by IBM, replacing the line printer thanks to its ability to do quality, high volume printing. Canon came aboard in 1979 and created the world’s first desktop laser printer as an affordable option for businesses. Canon later partnered with HP and Apple to create an improved printing machine.

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