How to Fix Those Lines on Your Copies with Simple Copier Repair in Phoenix, AZ

How to Fix Those Lines on Your Copies with Simple Copier Repair in Phoenix, AZ

November 8, 2018

You click “print,” and your copy shoots out of the machine. You grab your document, and you’re disappointed to discover that an unsightly line is present in the middle of the paper. What was going to be a formal document is now ruined by this unprofessional-looking eyesore. The document is difficult to read and impossible to submit for your project. Why did this happen? Do you need copier repair in Phoenix, AZ?

Fortunately, this common problem has simple causes and solutions. In fact, you probably won’t need professional copier repair in Phoenix, AZ! Use the following quick solution to take care of the issue and start making clear copies again.


The most common reason for a line on copy is an issue with the automatic document feeder (ADF). When you use this, the device feeds individual pages into the printer for copying. As the papers pass over the piece of glass below, the machine reads and copies the document. However, if pages contain handwritten ink, liquid paper or other non-printed materials, these can transfer to the glass. Inspect the glass of the copier to see if this transfer has occurred.

If you don’t see any debris on the glass, inspect the roller on the ADF. It’s possible a stray strand of hair has found its way into the machine and is wrapped around this piece.


Did you find any debris on the glass? Note that the location of the ink blob is probably the same spot where you find the line on your paper. The machine is unable to read the streak or smudge, and it prints a line. If a hair is discovered, this is probably the culprit that caused your line.


To prevent future lines, simply clean the glass. Make this a regular habit to keep your copy surface free of debris. Use standard glass cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel to remove all smears and globs of ink from the glass.

Do the same for the ADF. The process of removing hair from the roller is similar to what you would do with a vacuum cleaner. Ensure the roller is hair-free, and then try copying again. With a fresh, clean surface and clear rollers in place, your copier will be able to produce quality documents.

If these steps do not solve the issue, consider contacting a professional for copier repair in Phoenix, AZ. A trained technician can evaluate the issue to determine if a more serious problem is causing the line and make the necessary repairs.

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