Easy Multifunction Printer Maintenance Tips from Your Printer Store in Phoenix, AZ

Easy Multifunction Printer Maintenance Tips from Your Printer Store in Phoenix, AZ

April 25, 2018

If you own a printer, you’ve made a significant investment in your home or commercial office. You want to get optimal use from the machine and extend its longevity. Doing so requires proper maintenance of the printer. To many, this means changing the ink and paper. In fact, there are a few more tasks you should complete to ensure top performance from your machine. Use the following tips from your printer store in Phoenix, AZ to keep your machine running smoothly.

Pristine Interior

How often do you clean your print head and printer interior? These tasks are essential for optimal printer functioning. Clean your print head at least once per month. Use warm water and a gentle cloth for cleaning. Be sure the head is completely dry before reattaching it.

Use slightly moistened, lint-free cloths to clean the interior of the machine. Gently wipe the dust away. Do not apply a lot of force, and avoid vacuuming unless it is a pressure-controlled vacuum. For stubborn grime, you can try using compressed air to blow out trapped dust. Keep in mind, you should clean the printer often enough that layers of dust don’t accumulate.

Replacing Cartridges

Follow instructions carefully when replacing cartridges. Use high-quality cartridges and avoid touching the bottom of the cartridge as you replace it. Don’t wait until the cartridge is completely empty to replace it. Follow the printer prompt that tells you your cartridge levels are below normal and replace it then. If you wait, the dry cartridge will cause unnecessary wear and tear on the printer head.

Ink Choices

What cartridge refills do you use for your printer? This is an area where printer owners are tempted to try to save money by purchasing cheap cartridges. This is a mistake. Low-quality cartridges affect the quality of printing and printer performance. They can impact printer hardware and result in faded, blotchy or otherwise low-quality prints. Quality cartridges are worth the investment to protect your printer and produce usable prints.


Do you ever ignore maintenance lights on your printer? Many multifunction machines have built-in diagnostics to let you know of any issues with the printer. Failure to take notice of these warning signs can result in poor performance or damage to the machine. Check inside the printer for broken parts or jams. Take action to correct any problems right away. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact your printer store in Phoenix, AZ.

Technician Assistance

If your business relies on your printer for everyday operations, regular maintenance is even more critical. Consider having your machine serviced seasonally by a trained technician to keep it running reliably. This will help prevent problems before they occur.


If you won’t be using your printer for an extended period of time, turn it off. These machines generate heat while running, which can dry up the cartridge and clog the header. Give your printer a rest if you don’t need it for a while.

Reading Material

Do you know where your printer manual is? If you encounter issues with your machine, this can prove quite helpful. Keep your manual in a safe place for reference when you need it. If you’ve misplaced your manual, online support is often available. You can also contact your printer store in Phoenix, AZ.

For more tips to extend the life of your printer, contact the experts at Arizona Copier Outlet. As your premier printer store in Phoenix, AZ, we offer in-depth knowledge of multifunction machines to help you troubleshoot, maintain and repair your printer for optimal performance.

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