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Understand Your Office Supply Needs Before you Visit a Copier Store in Phoenix, AZ

May 1, 2015

The easiest way to spend more money than you want to when it comes to shopping around for new office equipment is to have absolutely no idea of what you want or need for your business. In fact, when you leave the door open for absolutely anything, there’s a better than average chance you’re going to make a purchase you regret for one reason or another. How do you step into a copier store in Phoenix, AZ with the right mindset? The first step is determining your need! Take a look at a few things you should be asking yourself... View Article

Is Your Printer Worth Repairing?

April 15, 2015

When your printer starts performing poorly or breaks down completely, the average business owner is faced with two options: either repair it or replace it. As a printer repair service in Phoenix, AZ that also offers printers for sale, we at Arizona Copier Outlet understand the pros and cons of both those choices. There are several factors to consider, including price, severity of damage, comfort with your current printer and the desire for something new. Here’s a basic overview of the pros and cons of repairing or replacing your office’s printer: Repair pros: There are many reasons to seek out... View Article

5 Reasons to Rely on a Restored Copier Outlet in Phoenix, AZ for Your Office Technology

April 1, 2015

Are you considering purchasing a copier from a copier outlet for your Phoenix, AZ office? If so, you’re probably wondering about your different options. After all, there is a wide variety of copiers out there, with plenty of different features and factors to think about. Another decision you might have to make about your copier is whether you want a brand new or a restored one. While buying used office supplies might seem like a gamble to some, in reality, it’s potentially a great way to save money while still getting a quality product. Restored doesn’t mean used—it means the... View Article

The Advantages of Good Copier Warranties in Phoenix, AZ

December 14, 2014

These days, just about everything comes with a warranty—from the car you drive to the phone in your pocket and everything in between. Office supplies and amenities are no different, as printers, copy machines, fax machines and scanners all come with some sort of backing that gives you a myriad of benefits for purchasing a specific model or brand. What exactly is so great about copier warranties in Phoenix, AZ and why does it make sense to shop around until you find a great warranty? Take a look at just some of the benefits you’ll receive with a good copier... View Article

Call a Copier Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ Instead of Trying to Fix the Problem Yourself

December 1, 2014

Every office has one: that person who’s a wizard with technology and who can fix just about any technological error that happens to pop up during the course of a normal workday. This person is often the savior of the office when something critical occurs or a crucial component goes down without any warning—and, whether it’s something as simple as changing the toner in the copier or recalibrating the printer, everyone knows that when something is amiss, the technologically savvy person in the office is the first one who’s going to jump into action! And while it’s all fine and... View Article