Common Tasks Performed In Scanner Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Common Tasks Performed In Scanner Repair in Phoenix, AZ

July 1, 2015

With electronic documents taking over most industries, especially insurance and legal, your scanner becomes just as essential your printer and copier. But like any other office machine, it can break down. Fortunately, there are sources for scanner repair in Phoenix, AZ that can help you return to preparing documents for electronic transmission or storage. Here are five common scanner repair tasks likely to be completed by your technician.

Glass cleaning

The interior glass of your scanner gets dirty, just like your exterior glass. This can compromise scanned document quality, and the build-up also reduces good functioning. A technician can access the glass from both sides to ensure your documents are scanned accurately.

Your exterior glass will likely be cleaned at the same time. Offices may use the wrong type of cleaner, leaving marks and scratches. Since your service technician is already at your office, consider asking about the best way to clean your scanner glass.

Feeder service and cleaning

Document feeders are subject to friction, which produces static electricity. As this builds up, paper feed issues increase, and as frustrated employees wrestle with the machine, gears may get dislocated. While checking out any document feed issues, your technician will take steps to clean the feeder, neutralize friction and replace any damaged or worn-out parts. The feeder receives the most abuse of any part of a scanner, so it’s a common reason for service calls.

Replacing bulbs

If a good glass cleaning does not improve image quality, it is likely a worn-out bulb. Changing bulbs in a scanner is not a recommended task for consumers, as they must be accessed carefully in order to not compromise the rest of the scanner. The good news is, once the bulbs are replaced, you will likely not have to pay for that service again for a long while.

Replace power supply

An electrical surge or user misuse can short out the electrical supply. If there was a thunderstorm in your area and you arrive at the office to find your scanner with no power, this is the likely cause. Depending on the extent of the surge, replacing the power supply may not be enough. When calling a technician for power issues, be prepared for the news that you may need to replace your scanner or multifunction copier.

Update drivers

Sometimes, scanners have problems communicating with the network. This can be especially irritating if the way the scanner provides an electronic document to an employee is by email. If the best in-house IT efforts cannot diagnose the issue, a technician can provide specialized knowledge to ensure your drivers are updated so communication continues. There can also be other software updates pending that were left ignored that can now be installed with professional assistance.

If your scanner lacks power, distorts images or has a constantly jamming feeder, contact Arizona Copier Outlet for scanner repair in Phoenix, AZ. In this time where documents are emailed more than mailed, you need this device working to help your business run smoothly. Call us today to set up a service appointment or ask any questions.

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