Most Common Issues Requiring Copier Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ

Most Common Issues Requiring Copier Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ

July 15, 2015

A copier repair service in Phoenix, AZ sees everything that can go wrong with this essential piece of office machinery—repair enough of them and patterns start to emerge. We noticed that if your copier malfunctions it will likely be due to one of these four issues. Learn about them here so you can take steps to prevent them, as well as any costly repair bills.

Paper jams

This is a common and very annoying problem. To make it worse, office workers may often decide not to deal with it and, instead, leave it lingering for the next user to discover it. Then that worker may try the copier again and escalate the situation, leading to down time and a service call. Training on loading and unloading paper and encouraging employees to un-jam copiers immediately can prevent your machine from requiring further repairs. Instruction also means less frustration as workers who know how to deal with these issues will not consider them as inconvenient.


In these hot summers, especially if a copier is next to a window, machines can overheat even in air-conditioned spaces. Copier bulbs generate heat, and if the fans or other parts are not in working order, that heat will just build up within the machine. This often leads to electrical shorts which can damage more office equipment. If you see an LED warning indicating imminent overheating, contact your copier repair service.

High ink usage

Copier ink is expensive, and when the copier becomes an ink guzzler, that causes concern for both the office budget and the supply closet. Save ink by printing in draft or lower-quality when it is permissible. Also, keep an eye on ink levels as, if your office performs frequent dark or color copying, you may not notice you are out until pages come out blank. If this isn’t a matter of high use or inattention, be aware that if the copier is not cleaned regularly, it can use ink inefficiently. Keep up on maintenance tasks to prevent that.

Misunderstanding warning lights

This one is understandable. The warning lights on a copier almost present like ancient hieroglyphs and deciphering the code can be frustrating. It is very easy to want to finish work and just ignore the cryptic message. Ignoring these lights, though, can lead to damage and service calls.


To help people respond to these lights better, keep a guide handy that indicates what codes or symbols mean. Sometimes, these are indicated on the inside door of the copier, but if that is not well laid-out, you will just have frustrated workers who force your machine to endure more torment. Construct a page using information from the owner’s manual to keep it available in one easy format.


There are some codes that indicate you need to call a technician immediately, so consider putting those in the most prominent place. That way, your employees can quickly identify hopeless situations and not waste time looking for a solution.


Arizona Copier Outlet is a copier repair service in Phoenix, AZ, as well as a copier dealer. If you need maintenance or a repair after a confusing light comes on, we are willing to help you. Call us today so we can help you get your copier working efficiently once again.

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