Visit a Printer Store in Phoenix, AZ for Your Next Office Printer

Visit a Printer Store in Phoenix, AZ for Your Next Office Printer

August 15, 2015

Finding the perfect office printer may seem like a simple job. However, for many office managers and business owners, finding a printer today is much more complicated that it used to be, since there are more choices available and the technology options have changed significantly. Before you make a final decision on your company’s printing needs, be sure to read this printer buying guide. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to stop at a local printer store in Phoenix, AZ for more advice. Here are a few important things you should consider when shopping for a printer.

  • How much printing do you need to do? Every printer has a maximum output cycle. Simply put, this is the amount of printing the machine can handle in a single cycle without getting overheated or damaged. Printers can only handle so much work, and different types of printers have different output loads. Before you purchase a printer, you should consider how much your office prints on a regular basis and attempt to find a printer that far exceeds that output. This will help ensure you never print more than the printer can handle, and you won’t risk damaging the printer, even if your office’s needs change.
  • How quickly do you need to print things? The speed at which a printer operates is also an important feature to look at, especially for high output printers. High print speeds make life much easier if your office goes through a lot of documentation. Remember that inkjet printers and laser printers can print at widely varying speeds. Before you purchase, ask the salesperson at your printer store in Phoenix, AZ about the output rates.
  • Black and white or color? It’s good to know ahead of time whether you need a color or black ink printer. Some businesses only need black ink; in this case, upgrading to a color printer might be a waste of money. There are numerous high-volume and high-speed black ink-only printers designed purely for offices available at just about every printer store in Phoenix, AZ. On the other hand, going for a color printer might give you more flexibility in the future, even if the color printing is a small portion of what you’ll be printing. Think about this ahead of time, compare prices and see what a professional recommends.


  • Take networking into account. How is the current printer connected to your office network? This may be an ideal time to reconfigure your setup if your office can support better connectivity. Many home computers are going for wireless printers, but this is often less practical for office environments. Make sure the printer you buy matches well with the rest of your office technology.
  • New or like-new? A final consideration is whether you should buy a brand new office printer or one that is like-new. Many refurbished office printers are available. They have been completely rebuilt by experts and discounted purely because of their refurbished status. Some office managers prefer new printers, but you can save a lot of money by deciding to go for one that is like-new, without any drop-off in quality.

Consider stopping by Arizona Copier Outlet to get started on buying your new or like-new office printer. Our team can help you select the perfect option for your office.

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