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Choosing Between Buying and Leasing a Multifunction Printer

June 25, 2018

Stocking your workplace with the best equipment possible is essential if you want to maximize performance, productivity and quality. However, this is far easier said than done. When it comes to actually choosing equipment for your office, you have to sift through a huge number of product options. Even if you know what kind of equipment you want, you’ll have to decide whether to buy or lease your device. Before you can get a great new multifunction printer for your office, it’s important to visit a printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ to weigh the benefits of purchasing against those of... View Article

What Is Printer Ink Made Of?

May 9, 2018

You hit “print.” Almost like magic, a sheet of paper appears from the printer with the words and images from your screen. Have you ever wondered what the printer uses to place these letters and pictures on the paper? If you’re like most people, you only think about printer ink when you have to change the cartridge. Even then, you might not know exactly what you’re putting in the machine. Your printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ offers the following overview to provide insight into the mysteries of printer ink. What is ink? Ink is a dye or pigment, either organic... View Article

Useful Hacks from Your Printer Outlet in Phoenix, AZ

March 9, 2018

Printers aren’t a new invention, so most people now know the basics of how to operate these machines. There are a few tips, though, that can make their operation smoother and more efficient. There are also a few steps that can help you out in a jam. Use the following printer hacks from your printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ to make your printing tasks easier: Paper quality: It’s tempting to buy the cheapest paper possible, especially if you often print in high volumes. This is a mistake. Bargain paper might cost you more in time and money in the long... View Article

Is Printer Toner Toxic?

December 6, 2017

We get a lot of questions about printers, copiers and other office supplies at our printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ. People want to know about features, brands, costs and more, to make sure they’re choosing equipment that’s right for their office and their needs. Occasionally, however, we get questions that transcend these different variables to focus on something bigger. One of the most frequent overarching questions we get is a very simple one: “Is printer toner toxic?” Customers who work in hectic office environments where toner is changed weekly are often concerned, since they’re likely to be the ones handling... View Article

How Schools Can Benefit from the Services of Their Local Printer Outlet in Phoenix, AZ

October 4, 2017

It’s fall, which means the new school year has started. Like every year, teachers and school faculty members across the country have prepared their classrooms to be a place where kids want to go and learn. And a big part of learning is dependent on teachers being able to print out class materials—like study guides, homework pages, quizzes and tests. First, a teacher prints out one copy on their classroom printer, then they make bulk copies using the school’s copier. Since a school copy machine works hard all year, maintenance is important. Here are a few reasons why schools should... View Article

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