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Learn All About Printer Ink from a Printer Outlet in Phoenix, AZ

September 8, 2017

Almost everyone comes in contact with ink in some form or another during everyday life. From the print in newspapers and magazines to the advertisements that you see on billboards, ink is almost everywhere. Even though everyone sees or handles some form of printed media on a daily basis, it can be easy to take the actual printing process for granted. Even if it isn’t a common topic of conversation that comes up very often, you shouldn’t underestimate the prevalence of the printing industry. In fact, printing ink is an industry worth $10 billion in value and it is projected... View Article

Repair Your School Printers This Summer with Help from a Printer Outlet in Phoenix, AZ

May 11, 2017

As summer approaches, so does the close of the school year. While pencils are down and books are put away, it’s a great time to think about taking care of printer repairs that were put off while school was in session. A printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ can help you get ready for the new school year by fixing the problems you had with your printers during the summer, when the process can be completed with less disruption. Get ready for the new school year early With all the activity of the school year ending, it can be easy to... View Article

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