How Schools Can Benefit from the Services of Their Local Printer Outlet in Phoenix, AZ

How Schools Can Benefit from the Services of Their Local Printer Outlet in Phoenix, AZ

October 4, 2017

It’s fall, which means the new school year has started. Like every year, teachers and school faculty members across the country have prepared their classrooms to be a place where kids want to go and learn. And a big part of learning is dependent on teachers being able to print out class materials—like study guides, homework pages, quizzes and tests. First, a teacher prints out one copy on their classroom printer, then they make bulk copies using the school’s copier.

Since a school copy machine works hard all year, maintenance is important. Here are a few reasons why schools should take advantage of the copier and printer repair services available through their local printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Avoid learning downtime: Kids are in school for several hours a day, depending on their grade level. In the case of junior high and high school students, they go to, on average, four to six classrooms to learn different subjects. A class that is 45 minutes to an hour long doesn’t allow for much unexpected downtime. As the teacher, you’ll need 30 to 40 copies of an assignment for each of your classes. But a broken or malfunctioning copier or printer won’t give you that, taking away from students’ learning time.
  • Give teachers more time to teach: When you are able to print out the teaching materials you need, when you need them, the curriculum you’ve created won’t need rescheduling or skipping over completely in an attempt to remain on track this year. Hiring a reliable, professional printer and copier repair service can guarantee that.
  • Guarantee a good impression on new students: Whether students are coming into a new grade or have transferred schools, a good first impression will help lead to respect for teachers. Each student should get their own clear, crisp handouts and go home with quality homework printouts. This is especially important for new students, so their parents won’t question the school’s capabilities.
  • Prevent further damage: Most school districts have equipment repair technicians at the ready should one of their school’s copiers or printers need maintenance. However, only one or two techs may be employed, meaning it could be a while before someone comes to your site. As tempting as it may be to attempt copier or printer repairs yourself, it’s important that you don’t—even if you have some knowledge. You could unintentionally make things worse. Work with a local printer repair company and repairs will be timely.

Another new school year has begun, which means those faculty room photocopiers and classroom printers are already being subjected to heavy use. There is no doubt about that. The best and most efficient way to ensure all school printers and copiers are always in good working order is to have them serviced by a reputable printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ.

From preventative maintenance to emergency repairs, you can count on the team at Arizona Copier Outlet. Give us a call to learn about our printer repair contracts, and take advantage of the deals we offer for bulk repairs!

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