Choosing Between Buying and Leasing a Multifunction Printer

Choosing Between Buying and Leasing a Multifunction Printer

June 25, 2018

Stocking your workplace with the best equipment possible is essential if you want to maximize performance, productivity and quality. However, this is far easier said than done. When it comes to actually choosing equipment for your office, you have to sift through a huge number of product options. Even if you know what kind of equipment you want, you’ll have to decide whether to buy or lease your device. Before you can get a great new multifunction printer for your office, it’s important to visit a printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ to weigh the benefits of purchasing against those of leasing your equipment so that you can make the best choice possible for your business:

  • Cost: Your primary consideration will likely be the cost difference between leasing and purchasing. Clearly, purchasing a piece of equipment outright will cost more upfront than starting a lease. However, you must also think about the long-term cost of both options. After your lease term is up, you will likely have paid more than the equipment is worth because of interest charges and other additional fees.
  • Convenience: Lots of people choose to lease their equipment because it is often far more convenient than the alternative. Usually, when you lease from a printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ, you don’t have to deal with maintenance on your own. If something goes wrong, you can call your equipment provider to get it fixed and to get your equipment back into the best shape possible. You also don’t have to deal with disposing of your printer or trying to sell it when it becomes old and worn out. Instead, after your lease term, you can simply have your printer taken away and start leasing a new one.
  • Restrictions: While leasing a printer can be convenient, it also comes with certain restrictions that you should be aware of. As your business grows and your needs change, being locked into a contract to lease a piece of equipment that simply isn’t cutting it anymore can be frustrating. When you purchase equipment outright, you can sell it and recoup some of your costs if you need to upgrade to a higher capacity model.
  • Maintenance expenses: Because your equipment provider is responsible for the maintenance of your printer, they will choose who repairs or maintains your equipment. If you own your printer, you can decide who you will contract to maintain it, which gives you a little more freedom to ensure that you hire a company that you can trust.

Whether you want to lease or purchase a printer for your office, you can find all of the quality equipment you need at the best prices from Arizona Copier Outlet. Our printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ offers a wide range of printer and copier products to rent or buy with incredible savings on some of the best brands available. Since 1986, we have been proud to be family owned and operated, with a strong dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We have new and used printers alike so that you can select the specific equipment that best suits your needs. Call us today and let us help you with quality office equipment solutions.

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