How Does Photo Printing Work on a Printer?

How Does Photo Printing Work on a Printer?

September 9, 2018

Today’s printer technology has made it more feasible than ever for people to print photos from the comfort of their own home. This has also been made easier by digital photography, as there is not the same development process associated with film, which requires a dark room and technical expertise (not to mention a lot of time).

As long as you have a good-quality printer and understand the basic techniques of photo printing, it’s a job you can now accomplish at home. Here’s some information from a printer store in Phoenix, AZ to guide you through the process:

  • Always use high-quality paper:
    If you intend to print photos at home, you should not use the same paper you use to print out letters and documents. Instead, use a glossy or matte photo paper, specifically designed for photo printing. The photos will simply look better on this type of paper. It can be expensive, but it’s worth it to have good-quality printed photographs.
  • Consider the aspect ratios:
    Another consideration to keep in mind while printing photos from your home printer is to make sure the image you’re printing has the same aspect ratio as the paper you’re using to print. A failure to make this check could result in an unwanted crop or stretching of the photo, which will provide substandard results, to say the least.
  • Configure your settings properly:
    Make sure you adjust the settings on your printer whenever you’re going to print a photo at home. Setting it to the “best” quality will make a big difference with regard to the quality of the print, especially when compared to a “fast” or “normal” setting. It will take longer to print photos using this setting, but the quality you get as a result is absolutely worth waiting the extra time for the job to complete.
  • Type of printer:
    Should you use an inkjet or laser printer for printing photos? While laser printers tend to have a higher quality in the top-end machines, you can still get outstanding results from an inkjet printer. Therefore, don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money on a new printer just to be able to print photos—the technology in inkjets is more than adequate.
  • Edit your photos before printing:
    If you’re capable of doing so, edit your photos before you print them out. Analyze the photos closely on your computer monitor and make your changes, and only print them once the job has been completed. This will save you a great deal of paper and ink over a method in which you only edit after noticing flaws in the image that are obvious upon printing. Your goal should be to print just once, saving you as much money as possible so you can preserve your photo paper and ink, neither of which is exactly inexpensive.

For more tips about printing out your photos at home, we encourage you to contact our printer store in Phoenix, AZ.

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