Choosing Between Laser and Inkjet Printers for Regular Use

Choosing Between Laser and Inkjet Printers for Regular Use

September 26, 2018

When you decide to buy a new printer for your home or office, you want to make sure that you are making the best investment possible. Printers can be expensive, so it’s worth it to consider all of your options and determine which one will really offer the best value for you. The pros at a printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ can help you get acquainted with the variety of options available.

When you start shopping around for printers, you might find yourself trying to decide between laser printers and inkjet printers. Both of these options have their own benefits and disadvantages that you should take into account before making your purchasing decision:

  • Basic function: Inkjet printers have nozzles that spray pigmented ink onto paper. Laser printers, on the other hand, use heat to fuse toner powder onto paper.
  • Speed: Laser printers tend to have faster printing speeds than inkjet printers. In fact, laser printers can produce up to 100 pages per minute, while the average inkjet printer can print just 16 pages per minute.
  • Volume: Since laser printers can print documents so quickly, they have a higher volume capacity than inkjet printers. A laser printer can print up to 3,500 pages per month without causing any excessive stress to the printer components, while an inkjet printer has an average monthly print capacity of 500 pages.
  • Cost: Laser printers are significantly more expensive than inkjet printers when it comes to the upfront cost of the equipment. However, it’s important to keep in mind that inkjet printers actually have a shorter lifespan than laser printers. Laser printers last an average of five years, while inkjet printers last an average of just three years. Laser printer cartridges are also much more expensive and can cost nearly $200, compared with just $25 for a comparable inkjet printer cartridge. While the actual cost per page of laser cartridges is less than the cost per page of inkjet cartridges, you aren’t likely to see those savings if you use your printer infrequently and rarely have to replace your cartridges.
  • Quality: Both inkjet printers and laser printers are capable of producing high-quality monochrome and color prints. As a general rule, laser printers are typically better for black and white document printing, while inkjet printers are better for color image printing.

Which printer is right for you?

Everyone is different, and the type of printer that’s right for you is dependent upon several factors. As a general rule, laser printers are better for office settings that have high print volumes and that need high-quality prints. Inkjet printers are more suited to lower-volume applications, like smaller office settings and at-home use.

Visit a printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ

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