Courtesy Tips for Office Printers and Copiers in Phoenix, AZ

Courtesy Tips for Office Printers and Copiers in Phoenix, AZ

July 9, 2018

Keeping employees happy, productive and enthusiastic is one of your top priorities as a business owner or office administrator, but it isn’t easy to achieve these goals if there are issues of disorganization or equipment that come up frequently. If you notice that the use of printers and copiers has become a point of contention among some of your employees, it’s worth it to implement some basic etiquette principles for people who use this equipment to follow. Promoting more organization and mindfulness among your employees when they use office equipment reduces the likelihood of frustration arising between employees, and can even improve the performance and longevity of your printers and copiers in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Always refill paper and ink as necessary: Don’t leave the next person who uses the printer with an empty paper tray and drained ink cartridges. Make sure that your employees know where to find replacement paper and ink cartridges so that they can restock the printer as necessary.
  • Don’t take documents that aren’t yours: It’s very common for documents to accumulate in a printer or copier before they are retrieved, so make sure employees know to leave these documents alone. It’s a good idea to have a place next to your printer or copier to place documents until they can be retrieved. To avoid future backlog and paper waste, let your employees know that documents that aren’t retrieved will be recycled at the end of the day.
  • Don’t change settings: When employees start to fiddle with equipment settings, you can end up with inconsistent print quality. Make sure to designate someone to keep the printer calibrated correctly and inform your employees that settings are not to be changed.
  • Allow others with fewer prints to go first: If one person has a single sheet to print out, it’s a good idea to give them priority over someone who is printing dozens of copies of something. Let employees know to give people with lighter print needs precedence over larger printing jobs.
  • Use printers and copiers exclusively for professional documents: Even though printing one or two personal documents out might not seem like a big deal, it can create bigger problems down the road if lots of employees are using office printers and copiers in Phoenix, AZ for personal needs.

Despite all of the best efforts to prevent frustration as a result of printer and copier use, you might still observe issues arising if your equipment itself simply isn’t cutting it anymore. Thankfully, getting replacement equipment is easy and affordable when you work with Arizona Copier Outlet. With over 30 years of experience, our team is dedicated to delivering the best office equipment possible to our customers, including a wide variety of printers and copiers in Phoenix, AZ. We offer incredible savings on major brands and we have several warranty options so that you can feel confident in your purchase for years to come. Find out more about all of our purchase and leasing options by giving us a call today.

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