The History of the Office Laser Printer

The History of the Office Laser Printer

March 30, 2018

Each piece of technology we enjoy today started as the brainchild of an inventor. From often humble beginnings, each product is developed and improved upon as the years pass. The same is true for office laser printers. What you see in your printer store in Phoenix, AZ is quite different than the first machine.

Let’s take a tour through the history books and discover how the laser printers of today first entered the world of printing. Following is a basic timeline to trace the laser printer’s lifeline:

  • 1969: Gary Starkweather develops the first designs for the laser printer. Starkweather worked at Xerox’s research facility located in New York. This man is given credit for developing the first concept that used a laser to recreate an image with a copier. The first laser printer created was known as EARS. It eventually became the Xerox 9700 laser printer.
  • 1976: IBM releases the first commercial laser printer. The machine offered capabilities for high-volume printing for businesses and was designed with data centers in mind. This printer, the IBM 3800, could shoot out 215 pages per minute.
  • 1977: IBM releases the Xerox 9700. This machine was well-suited for high-value document printing.
  • 1979: Canon releases the first desktop laser printer. The Japanese company designed the machine, the Canon LBP-10, as an affordable option for businesses. Soon to follow was the Canon CX, which featured a better print engine.
  • 1981: Xerox revolutionized office work around the world with the release of the Xerox Star 8010. It was the first laser printer specifically designed for office use.
  • 1984: Apple Computer and Hewlett-Packard each release their version of laser printers. HP’s was the first to reach the mass market.
  • 1985: Apple releases the LaserWriter. It helped standardize computer language and fonts and encouraged more affordable commercial laser printers.
  • 1986: Arizona Copier Outlet opens its doors, offering the best in new, near-new and refurbished commercial laser printers at the lowest prices in the area.
  • 1990: HP releases the first laser printer that could be purchased for less than $1,000.
  • 1995: Apple releases the Color Laser Printer 12/600PS—their first color laser printer. At the time, this machine cost more than $7,000.
  • 2000: Xerox introduces solid ink printing. This helped reduce the amount of waste generated by ink cartridges. It also enhanced the ability to create vibrant, detailed images.
  • 2018: Your laser printer store in Phoenix, AZ continues to offer top-quality laser printers, copiers, service and repairs. Reasonable rates and superior service make Arizona Copier Outlet the go-to source for laser printers.

What’s next in the history of laser printers? Partner with our experts to find out! Arizona Copier Outlet is ready to meet all your laser printer needs today and for the rest of your printing timeline. Our printer experts can answer any questions and help you determine the best printing solution from our printer store in Phoenix, AZ for your needs both today and in the future. Contact us now for industry-leading machines and service!

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