Inkjet or Laser? Advice from Your Printer Store in Phoenix, AZ

Inkjet or Laser? Advice from Your Printer Store in Phoenix, AZ

February 23, 2018

Which is better: inkjet or laser printers? If you’re considering investing in a printer, it’s important to know the difference between the two and which type of machine will be better for your needs. Your printer store in Phoenix, AZ offers a full range of options in both categories. Following is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each. Review these to help you make a decision about which printer is best for you.

Inkjet Pros

  • Image printing: Inkjet printers are better at blending colors and creating image-heavy documents.
  • Low cost: Inkjet printers are less expensive than laser printers. Their cartridges cost less, too.
  • Versatility: Inkjets can print on a variety of papers and can even print on some fabrics.
  • Readiness: Inkjet printers require little warm-up time before you can print.
  • Refills: You can often refill and reuse inkjet cartridges rather than buy all-new ones at the printer store in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Space: Inkjets are typically smaller and lighter machines.

Laser Pros

  • Speed: Laser printers are faster than inkjets. This is helpful when printing large volumes.
  • Text printing: Laser printers create perfectly printed text. They can also handle fine lines and smaller fonts better.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Although they cost more, laser printers produce more sheets of print per cartridge than inkjet cartridges. They waste less toner.
  • Volume: Laser printers are preferable for high-volume print jobs.

Inkjet Cons

  • Ink: The ink for these machines is quite costly.
  • Fading: Because the ink is water-based, inkjet prints tend to fade and are susceptible to water damage.
  • Cleaning: Inkjets are higher maintenance when it comes to cleaning. They must be cleaned frequently.
  • Low speed: You can’t be in a hurry when you use inkjets. Compared to laser printers, inkjets are slow.
  • Blur: If you print text on plain paper, it may turn out a bit fuzzy.
  • Low capacity: Paper trays in most inkjet printers hold between 50 and 100 sheets. This can be annoying if you print a lot of high-volume projects.

Laser Cons

  • Wait time: Laser printers aren’t always ready to go when you need them. They require some warm-up time.
  • Upfront costs: Laser printers are more expensive to purchase than inkjet machines.
  • Leaks: If your laser printer leaks toner, your day is pretty much ruined.
  • Limitations: Laser printers are more limited in the types of materials on which you can print. Nothing heat-sensitive can be used.
  • Photos: They can handle graphics to a certain extent, but laser printers aren’t the best when it comes to printing photos.
  • Size: Laser printers are typically larger and heavier machines. This may be a challenge for small office spaces.

Choose Your Printer

Are you still unsure which type of printer is best for your office or personal use? Your printer store in Phoenix, AZ can help. The printer experts at Arizona Copier Outlet are familiar with a wide range of inkjet and laser printers. We can answer any questions you have about various printers to help you determine which is the better investment for you. Contact our team today for the in-depth information you need.

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