Get Your Multifunction Printers Ready for Next Year!

Get Your Multifunction Printers Ready for Next Year!

January 26, 2018

Teachers and school staff know the importance of maintaining equipment in classrooms and staff rooms. Unfortunately, many school districts simply don’t have extra funds available to replace broken equipment like printers and copiers. They may have an on-call repair technician, but buying all new (or even like-new) printers is usually not an option. This is why preventative maintenance is a must. It’s also essential to get maintenance on school printers done early (or troubleshoot immediately) if you are to avoid issues during the busy start to the school year.

From daily in-class assignments and homework sheets to tests and quizzes, there will be a regular stream of teachers coming to the office to make dozens of copies every day for their students. If the copier/printer machine is malfunctioning, students may fall behind in learning, and teachers in giving lessons. Additionally, school administrators use both the copier and printer functions to produce multiple copies of announcements, newsletters and more. Although they could send these out in an email, having a physical copy in-hand is often a better reminder.

Here are some tips from an experienced printer store in Phoenix, AZ for keeping multifunction printers in good condition throughout the school year:

  • Clean the printer: Your in-classroom printers and staff machines should receive regular cleanings as a part of printer maintenance. Clean printer heads once a month with approved cleaners and tools, and don’t forget to clean the insides to prevent dust and grime buildup. Dirty equipment is one of the reasons why printers and copiers stop working efficiently.
  • Place multifunction machines in good locations: Where you put your printer is just as important as keeping up with maintenance tasks. Putting this equipment in an ideal location can prevent it from getting too dirty and dusty, or sustaining damage from intense temperature fluctuations. Keeping printers away from windows saves them from being in direct harmful sunlight, while avoiding placement near cooling and heating vents prevents toner from degrading and components from failing.
  • Take care when replacing ink: Although replacing old ink cartridges is important for printer and copier maintenance, doing it wrong can lower printing quality and even damage the machine.
  • Train teachers and school staff: All teachers and staff should be trained on how to use and maintain school printers. Knowing the basics prevents costly maintenance and repair needs, and time is saved when you don’t have to track down the only person in the school with the knowledge to fix a printer problem. Additionally, don’t let students use the equipment. They may not be gentle with the printer or use it incorrectly, resulting in printer breakdown.

Get your multifunction printer ready for the next school year with professional maintenance and repair services from your local printer store in Phoenix, AZ. Contact the team at Arizona Copier Outlet today if you need service for your school’s printing, copying or scanning equipment. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your investment and avoid unnecessary headache.

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