Tips for Keeping Your Multifunction Printer Working Properly

Tips for Keeping Your Multifunction Printer Working Properly

November 22, 2017

Printer warranties in Phoenix, AZ don’t last forever. In fact, it seems as though right after the warranty expires is when most printer owners start experiencing troubles at a rate they’ve never seen before! No, you’re not being duped by the manufacturer—time and wear are just taking their toll on your equipment.

The expiration of a warranty doesn’t have to signal the end for your printer, however. You can actually extend its serviceable years past what they might have been with some careful and thoughtful monitoring and maintenance of your printer’s usage and care. Take a look at a few tips for keeping it functioning flawlessly:

  • Use quality products. Ink, toner and paper might be expensive, but it’s critical to remember that you’re paying for more than just the materials—you’re also paying for how they affect your multifunction printer. Quality inks and toners and high-grade paper will definitely take less of a toll on your machine, leading to better performance and longer life expectancy. Think of it like putting premium gasoline in your car, versus regular unleaded.
  • Be gentle! If you’re rough and careless with your printer, don’t expect it to outlast its warranty. Printers that are constantly being moved around the office, bumped into or thumped on the surface by an angry employee are going to fall apart quickly. Instead, treat it like the expensive machine it is! Stretch your value to the max by taking care not to put your multifunction printer through its paces.
  • Clean it up. Taking the time to routinely clean your printer up will absolutely extend its lifespan. Nothing gums up printer function like toner clots, ink sprays, paper jams and loose debris—removing all of these from the printing environment will help your machine do its job better, for longer.
  • Don’t overwork it. There’s no getting around how frequently you use your printer, and indeed, these machines are designed to stand up to heavy wear. But, that doesn’t mean you should put them through their paces on a daily basis. Instead of printing 10,000 copies in one shot, do smaller batches over an extended period of time. You’ll give the machine time to recuperate and lessen the wear it sees overall.
  • Perform updates and service. Updates are designed to help your networked printer function better. Skipping these means leaving it to its old, antiquated devices, which further leads to wear. Staying up to date on machine updates and routine service upgrades will take your multifunction printer into the future.

Being able to rely on printer warranties in Phoenix, AZ for service and repairs is great, but the goal should always be to have a machine that can serve you far beyond the warranty expiration date. Take the above tips into account and you’ll quickly find that a little goes a long way in terms of how long your printer investment will last.

Do you have questions about how to best care for your existing multifunction printer? Contact a pro at Arizona Copier Outlet today to learn more about the unique service needs of your specific printer.

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