Get Your Multifunction Printers Serviced Before School Starts!

Get Your Multifunction Printers Serviced Before School Starts!

August 1, 2017

Though the new school year may have seemed like a long way off as the previous school year wound down, time has a way of moving quickly, meaning that the new school year will be here before we know it. If you’ve been putting off arranging to have your school’s multifunction printers serviced before the school year begins, don’t delay taking care of your needs related to printer sales & service in Phoenix, AZ any longer.

Here’s why it’s essential to schedule any service or repairs for your school’s multifunction printers before the bell rings on the first day:

  • Eliminate printing problems: Your school’s teachers will probably be increasing their printing activity by quite a bit once the school year starts. They’ll most certainly be printing new forms and documents for the beginning of the school year and other important documents needed to keep their lesson plans flowing smoothly. Nothing is more frustrating as you’re in the middle of a big event like the first day of school than having to deal with last-minute, unexpected technology issues, especially if they could have been avoided. Help the school year get off to a smooth start for you and your school’s fellow staff by taking the time now to address any printing-related problems with your multifunction printers.
  • Prevent copying crises: Your multifunction printers’ photocopy function will resume receiving heavy use once school starts, so if you’ve been meaning to have the copier function repaired or serviced, you lower the chances that the photocopy feature will be out of operation when your school’s faculty and staff need it most. Give yourself peace of mind and save your colleagues the trouble of figuring out how to locate and operate another copier by arranging an appointment today for copier service or repair on your multifunction printers.
  • Ensure smooth scanning: Do your school’s multifunction printers include scanning capabilities? If so, scanning is one of those workplace functions that many people regularly rely on in the course of their work. Scanning is quick and easy when everything is up and running properly, but being unable to scan important documents or other items and coming up with a less convenient and expedient workaround can quickly become taxing, both for staff and for those who maintain your school’s multifunction printers alike. You can reduce possible frustration that could arise at the start of the school year by resolving any scanning glitches or issues now.

Now that scheduling any needed service for your school’s multifunction printers is at the top of your to-do list, you need a provider of printer sales & service in Phoenix, AZ that can perform fast, high-quality work.

As a family-owned and operated company that has been in business for more than 30 years, Arizona Copier Outlet is the premier provider of discounted office equipment in our local area. In addition to repairs and service, we also sell and lease copiers and printers, making us your one-stop shop for your printing and copying needs.

Get in touch today to schedule service, to learn more about our unbeatable warranty policies or to receive a quote. We look forward to helping you and your team get off to a great start this new school year!

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