Important Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for a Commercial Copier in Phoenix, AZ

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for a Commercial Copier in Phoenix, AZ

February 14, 2017

Whether your business is big or small, you are going to need to own the right equipment if your long-term plans include success. That could mean investing in large pieces of office equipment—like a business-quality copy machine. Here are a few important things to keep in mind while shopping around for a commercial copier in Phoenix, AZ for your business.

Your regular copying volume

The number of paper copies a business makes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is going to depend on several factors—like the number of employees, number of departments and the type of business being conducted. A majority of these copies are likely made in bulk in the form of flyers, newsletters, meeting minutes and more. Also, calculating how much your business spends at the local copy shop each month is a good way to figure out your print volume. After you run the numbers, you may find that purchasing a commercial grade copier makes sense for your line of work.

Still, even in today’s digital age, many business offices opt to have an in-house copy machine, regardless of whether it’s used only a few times a day or several hundred times over the course of the week.

If you’ll need more than a copier

A straightforward copy machine only prints duplicates of documents. But some businesses may be in need of so much more than simple copies, yet don’t have the office space for several pieces of big office equipment. Never fear, multifunctional copy machines are here! These machines are capable of not only copying and printing, but completing other functions as well—scanning, faxing, packet stapling and sending data wirelessly, just to name a few. So, although it may be bigger than a desktop printer, a machine that serves multiple functions will save you and your employees time, and everything will run more efficiently.

Color or black and white

Like computer printers, copy machines that only make black and white copies will cost less to own and operate. Black toner costs less than color cartridges, and depending on the model of copier you own, individual color inks may be required, while others will use a single multiple-color cartridge. Take into account your business’ line of work, as well as what kinds of copies your company makes on a regular basis. Are staff members primarily in need of text documents? Or do they tend to need colorful charts and graphs to use in presentations and client pitches?

The need for wireless capabilities

Office equipment has become much more advanced in recent years. One such advance is the freedom of wireless communication between electronic devices. For example, office people can set up their work computers to sync wirelessly to a shared copy machine. No matter where they are in the building, the wireless signal allows for remote copying to save time, while simultaneously increasing workplace productivity.

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