Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Commercial Copier in Phoenix, AZ

Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Commercial Copier in Phoenix, AZ

December 29, 2016

The copier is an absolutely essential piece of equipment in any office setting. Businesses constantly need to copy, print, fax and scan documents for a wide variety of purposes. You’ve probably seen a number of sitcoms or comedies (The Office and Office Space immediately come to mind) that humorously depict what happens when a copier starts to be on its last legs. The frustration is truly real when this happens in actual offices; suddenly, everything becomes significantly less efficient.

So how do you know for sure that it’s time to make an upgrade to your copier in Phoenix, AZ? Here are a few key signs that you should probably just go ahead and replace the machine:

  • Drastic reduction in efficiency: Whenever your copier gets so bad that it is actually holding up workflow in your office, you definitely need to consider replacing it. Newer copier technology is not only going to function properly, as the components have not worn out over time, but these newer machines are also specifically designed to provide businesses with greater efficiency. With a new machine, you can complete jobs in a fraction of the time it would have taken to do the same job on an old machine that is starting to break down.
  • Failure to meet business goals: At the time you purchased your copier, it might have been the right piece of equipment for your company. But over the years, companies change and grow, which means they need to occasionally reassess the types of equipment they’re using to conduct business. If your copier is either not allowing you to perform particular tasks associated with your company, or simply does not have all of the capabilities and functions you need it to have, then it’s probably time to make an upgrade to a more recent model.
  • Too many repairs: If you have already made repairs to your copier several times, it’s best to just go ahead and make the replacement. Eventually, it gets to a point where you’re putting more money into maintaining your existing machine than you would be spending on a brand new one. This is especially true for copiers that are quite old and no longer have parts that are easy to find, making repairs even more expensive.
  • Aged out: Even if your copier is still in workable (if not outstanding) condition, there comes a point where the machine has just outlived its usefulness. Most studies show that the benefits of getting a new machine tend to outweigh the benefits of maintaining an existing machine at around the 10-year mark, for a variety of reasons. If you have had the same copier for nearly a decade (or more), then you should start doing some research into the kind of machine you might replace it with.
  • Security: Most copiers have hard drives that must be protected against exterior risks, just like computers. If your copier does not have proper security features or cannot be updated, then you must upgrade your machine to make sure your information is secure.

For more information about when to purchase a new copier in Phoenix, AZ for your office, contact our team today at Arizona Copier Outlet.

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