Five Malfunctions That Require Multifunction Copier Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Five Malfunctions That Require Multifunction Copier Repair in Phoenix, AZ

November 10, 2016

If you’ve ever found yourself yelling and cursing at your multifunction copier while at work, you’re definitely not alone. While multifunctional copiers are fabulous inventions that make office life much easier, they seem to malfunction more often than they should. When a multifunction copier malfunctions, it slows office productivity until you or a coworker can hire someone for multifunction copier repair in Phoenix, AZ. Next time you experience any of the following problems, call Arizona Copier Outlet as soon as possible!

Paper jams

A paper jam is by far one of the most common malfunctions that can occur with a multifunctional copier. The problem can stem from a few different issues, all of which are preventable. A big reason for a paper jam is user error. If you or someone in your office tried loading the wrong size paper into one of the trays or otherwise loaded the paper incorrectly, your copier is likely to jam up and possibly require the assistance of a copier repairman. Another reason for a paper jam could just be the presence of dust in the machine. It’s pretty much impossible to prevent that from accumulating in your multifunction copier, but you can wipe it down.

Wrinkled pages

Showing up to a meeting with a piece of paper that looks like it was just pulled out of the garbage is incredibly unprofessional. Clients are bound to think your company is a joke unless all of your papers are pristine. That can’t happen if your multifunction copier is spitting out wrinkled pages. Wrinkled pages happen because of worn out or damaged rollers that stick together. If you’re noticing this problem, quit using the machine and call a copier repair technician to remedy the issue.

Lines on the paper

If you’re noticing lines or streaks running down the pages of your copies, your copies are going to be hard to read, which will slow down office productivity. Lines can simply be caused by contaminants like dust on the glass. If this is the case, simply clean the machine. The issues can also be the result of internal problems that will need to be repaired by a technician.

Copies are too light or too dark

Again, if your copies are coming out too light or too dark, your employees might have a hard time reading the material on the pages. This could be the result of someone messing with the density settings, which is an easy fix. Just consult your owner’s manual regarding how to reset the density levels. It could also be an issue with the drum or toner, which will require the assistance of a repair technician.

Spots on the pages

Spots on your copies probably won’t slow down productivity as much as other ink issues, but the spots are still annoying. If the spots are in the same location every time, you probably just have dirty glass. However, if the spots are more random, you need to call someone for multifunction copier repair in Phoenix, AZ to repair the machine’s drum.

Don’t try to fix any of these problems yourself. Give Arizona Copier Outlet a call for professional copier repair.

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