Five Capabilities of a Multifunction Printer from a Printer Store in Phoenix, AZ

Five Capabilities of a Multifunction Printer from a Printer Store in Phoenix, AZ

November 24, 2016

A multifunction printer can seemingly do it all. You’ll have one machine in your office that takes the place of several and allows an array of office functions to take place all at once. When you purchase a multifunction printer from a printer store in Phoenix, AZ, you are getting a machine that is multi-capable and allows your employees to work more efficiently and effectively. No longer will you have several machines to worry about, as this one printer can do the work of five, giving your business added functionality and capabilities. Here’s what you should expect a multifunction printer to do for your business:

  • Print: This is a multifunction printer’s main feature, as it can print any document you send to it from your computer. You can select models that print in black and white or color, and on different sizes of paper. Because a multifunction printer is so reliable, your business will become self-reliant and forgo those printing services you are paying a vendor to provide. A printer store in Phoenix, AZ can help you select a multifunction printer that is right for your printing needs.
  • Copy: Making copies is essential to any business’ recordkeeping and customer handling. With a multifunction printer from a printer store in Phoenix, AZ, you will be able to make copies and use features such as collating, stapling and zoom features to get the exact copy you are looking for.
  • Scan: This is a handy feature that allows you to make a PDF file of a document and send it to your email. This is great for sending files to others in your business or to customers that need documentation. A printer store in Phoenix, AZ can get you set up with the correct software to take advantage of your multifunction printer’s scanning capabilities.
  • Fax: You can get rid of that bulky fax machine that has been taking up space, as your multifunction printer can fax, too. Phone numbers that you use on a regular basis can be programmed into a multifunction printer, making faxing easier than ever before. A printer store in Phoenix, AZ, can walk you through the steps to fax documents both big and small and make sure you have the proper connection to ensure file delivery.
  • Network printing: If you have multiple employees at your business, you are definitely in need of network printing, as this will allow everyone to have access to your multifunction printer’s capabilities right from their desktop. While an Ethernet connection is typically required, some models of multifunction printers also offer wireless network connections, making them even easier to use.

A printer store in Phoenix, AZ will have an array of multifunction printers available for you to choose from, with varying degrees of features. Your business will run even smoother with the installation of a multifunction printer, and your employees will be happy you made the upgrade. To purchase a multifunction printer, contact Arizona Copier Outlet. We offer top brand printers and copiers, as well as printer supplies and service. We look forward to serving you!

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