Choose the Right Commercial Copier in Phoenix, AZ

Choose the Right Commercial Copier in Phoenix, AZ

September 1, 2016

If you’re looking for a new commercial copier in Phoenix, AZ, you probably already know you have a lot of choices. So how can you narrow it down? Follow the tips below to learn more about the best copier options for your workplace—and be sure to contact the experts at Arizona Copier Outlet with any questions or inquiries. We’ve got the top selection of commercial copiers in the area!

Stand-alone vs. MFD

One of the first decisions you need to make is whether your workplace needs a stand-alone copier or a multifunction device (MFD). You’ll probably find that the majority of great options nowadays are MFDs, as stand-alone copiers are becoming less popular. Do you want to spend more money to get an all-in-one device, or do you truly just need the copier function?

If you find that you need multiple options from your copier, as the majority of businesses today do, then an MFD or all-in-one machine is a great option. You can fax, photocopy, scan, print and more, all from one streamlined device. You’ll also get more digital storage with this option, which means you can perform larger tasks. If you decide to go with just the copier, note that you may need to purchase other devices (such as a fax machine or scanner) separately down the road, and that will cost money, too.

Black and white or color

If your office makes a lot of hard copies of basic handouts and documents but doesn’t need anything frilly, a black and white copier is probably just fine for your needs. This kind of printer is also a little more economical compared to a color printer, since you’ll need to replace multiple colors of ink throughout its lifetime.

Many offices, however, feel that investing in a color copier and printer is smart, especially if they like to have color pamphlets or signage in the office, or frequently print and send certain items to clients and need them in color. This decision should be fairly straightforward, but do take the time to think about it carefully, as it will impact your budget down the road.


Copiers and printers come in so many different varieties and levels that it can be tricky to rule out all the options. One thing that can help you find the optimal copier in Phoenix, AZ is to ask yourself what page per minute (PPM) rating you need. If you have a decently large office, make a lot of copies or regularly produce a high volume of pages, you will probably benefit from a machine that can do 50 or 60 copies per minute. Keep in mind that the numbers on the box may not tell the whole story, so read up on the model, check out reviews and ask a professional copier company for assistance if needed. Also, look for models that have a high paper capacity, and function smoothly with wireless networks.

To learn more about the copiers and other office equipment available to you, get in touch with Arizona Copier Outlet today as you begin making your selection. Happy shopping!

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