Talk to Your Copier Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ About Staff Training

Talk to Your Copier Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ About Staff Training

August 1, 2016

While more complex technological systems can do wonders in the workplace, like increase productivity and make some jobs easier, technology can also cause huge problems when its systems don’t work the way they are supposed to. A stereotypical example is a copier breaking down, several employees who aren’t sure what to do, and eventually give up and ask a tech to come in and fix it.

In reality, most simple problems are fixable if you know a little bit about what you’re dealing with. A tech can easily come train your employees how to fix small or minor issues, which can save you the stress of trying to figure it out and the cost of calling a tech every time there’s a minor problem. Training is important, and inexperienced people should not try to repair copiers.

If there’s a big problem, a tech should come in, but the following are minor issues that can be fixed with training and without copier repair service in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Network connectivity: Sometimes connecting to a network simply requires unplugging and re-plugging in your router and making sure you’re typing in the correct IP address, username and password. Training employees to fix these issues shouldn’t be that complex. Tech personnel should have an idea of what causes the connectivity problems most frequently and how to fix those issues.
  • Toner/ink issues: Your printer or copier should have some way of letting employees know that ink or toner is running low, and all employees should know where the ink or toner replacements are and where in the machine they have to replace it. This is definitely not hard to show to current employees. Sometimes employees can figure it out by themselves, but training is the best option to avoid future issues.
  • Jam and feed issues: Inexperienced people shouldn’t attempt to un-jam a copier, especially if they don’t know the parts of the copier that well. If there’s an issue with jamming, then there’s probably an issue with the feed too. If someone is properly trained, it shouldn’t be an issue to fix. Proper training should be able to teach an employee how to seamlessly load paper and what to do if it does jam. It’s better to call a tech than to guess and poke around in the copier.
  • Error codes: There’s obviously no universal answer to all error codes, but techs probably have an idea of which error codes can pop up or will pop up most often. Sometimes error codes have tricky language, which tech personnel can decode and explain while training employees. Some error codes are easy fixes, while some are hard. Training should help some of those easy fix cases.

These four issues should be easily solved through training, as long as someone has a little knowledge on the problem that’s causing issues. Training is important to keep inexperienced people from playing around with issues and potentially causing further ones. When in doubt, it’s best to call a tech. For those bigger problems and complete copier repair service in Phoenix, AZ, be sure you’re calling Arizona Copier Outlet!

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