Tips from a Printer Outlet in Phoenix, AZ to Help You Print Better Digital Photos from Home

Tips from a Printer Outlet in Phoenix, AZ to Help You Print Better Digital Photos from Home

June 1, 2016

The rise in quality of the average digital camera has led to more people wanting to print their own photos from home, rather than pay to have them printed at stores or kiosks or through mail order services. However, if you are hoping to get the best quality of prints possible when printing at home, you need to have access to the right kind of equipment and understand the best tactics for getting the most out of these prints.

Here are a few tips from our printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ to help you get the most out of your digital photo printing at home:

  • Fine-tune the resolution: Resolution is extremely important for the quality of any image you choose to print out. The number of pixels packed into a square inch of a photo plays a big role in determining the crispness of the print. Computer monitors do not necessarily provide an accurate look at how the photo will turn out when it’s printed. You are going to want to adjust your resolution to be approximately 300 pixels per inch for anything you are going to print and frame. This might not necessarily be possible depending on the source of the image—naturally low-resolution photos might appear stretched out and grainy if you try to blow them up. This takes us to our next tip.
  • Only use high-resolution source images: If you have taken the photos yourself, this typically will not be a problem, as most cameras take photos in high resolution. Where it becomes an issue is if you have found an image online that you want to print, but it is in a low resolution. For example, a standard 8×10 photo will probably require a resolution of about 2400 x 3000 to get the 300 pixels per inch you desire for a print. Selecting a photo any smaller than that could lead to poor picture and print quality.
  • Use the proper paper: For printing photos, you are going to want to use glossy photo paper rather than your typical printer paper. Photos rely on ambient light to come off well when hung on walls or placed in frames. High-gloss finishes provide that vibrant appearance that truly makes photos stand out when they are framed. Check your printer’s manual to see if the company recommends a specific type of paper—that’s a good first step to take.
  • Make sure your printer is set for the job: Every printer has settings that can be adjusted for different types of print jobs. The settings you use to print out text on simple white sheets of paper will likely be much different than the settings you use to print high quality photos on glossy paper. Browse your printer settings and make the appropriate adjustments before printing your photos.

Our printer outlet in Phoenix, AZ wants to help you get the most out of your at-home photo printing. For more tips, contact us today at Arizona Copier Outlet.

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