How to Choose the Right Printer for You at a Printer Store in Phoenix, AZ

How to Choose the Right Printer for You at a Printer Store in Phoenix, AZ

June 15, 2016

A home printer can be an extremely important tool, especially if you have kids in the house who are constantly needing to print off their essays, book reports and other assignments. Therefore, before you make your purchase decision, it is important that you do a bit of research into which type of printer is the best option for you and your family.

Here are some tips from our printer store in Phoenix, AZ about how to choose the right printer for you.

Inkjet vs. laser printers

The first big question you will have to consider is whether you will purchase an inkjet or laser printer. This depends largely on what you plan on printing, and how much of it you plan on printing.

Inkjet color printers are the most common printers people purchase because you are able to print most anything using them, from standard written papers to glossy photos. However, printed text coming from laser printers often looks much sharper than from Inkjet printers, and laser printers are able to print much faster.

This is why laser printers are most common for offices, while inkjets are most common in homes. At an office, people are most likely only printing text, and need it to be printed quickly, while the types of printing jobs happening in a home may be much more diverse. Laser printers tend to be more expensive as well, which is another reason why they tend to be used in offices more than at home.

All in one printers

Whether you choose an inkjet or laser printer, you can also decide to get an all in one (AIO) model that also includes a scanner, copier and/or fax machine. Even if you might not use all of the functions regularly, purchasing an AIO model for your home can be a sensible decision because it’s cheaper than buying all of these pieces of equipment separately and will save you a great deal of space. We typically recommend AIO printers to anyone purchasing for their home.

Photo printing

If you print a lot of photos and want to invest in equipment that can do the job well, you might want to look into a printer dedicated solely to photo printing. While they do not have the same sort of versatility as other types of printers, you will get a much higher quality of photo prints from them, one that is at least as good as what you’d get when you use a pay service at a kiosk or mail order. Dedicated photo printers come in a variety of sizes, and will typically have supplies that are more expensive than those used in the standard AIO printers that most people purchase for their home.

Are you still in need of some more information to help you be certain you’re making the right printer purchase decision for your home? Contact Arizona Copier Outlet, your printer store in Phoenix, AZ, today and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have for us.

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