Six Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Copier in Phoenix, AZ

Six Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Copier in Phoenix, AZ

January 1, 2016

Buying a used copier in Phoenix, AZ is a smart move for many reasons: it saves you money, it requires a lower level of commitment and many gently used machines work just as well as their brand new counterparts. That being said, many consumers are reluctant to buy used office equipment because they fear that it is not a sound investment. Fortunately, just knowing the right questions to ask when buying a used copier can give you the information and peace of mind you need to make a strong purchasing decision. Here are six questions to ask your salesperson when you are buying a used copier in Phoenix, AZ.

What kind of restoration work has gone into this?

A high quality and reputable used copier store will put about six to 12 hours of labor into each machine, using the best restoration technology on the market to restore them to “like new” condition. Make sure your local copier store can say the same.

How old are the copiers you buy?

After a certain age cutoff, a used copier might stop being such a good investment, as it will be lacking in valuable updated features and might be more prone to breaking down. Here at Arizona Copier Outlet, we do not take anything older than four years old, and we encourage our customers to have the same policy.

What kind of warranties do you offer?

One of the biggest drawbacks to buying a used copier is that it might not come with any sort of warranty. But a reputable and responsible pre-owned copier store will be happy to offer its own store warranty, often lasting up to several years. If a used copier is store is confident in its products, it will not have any hang-ups with offering you a great warranty.

How much will I save on a used copier at your store?

In order for a used copier to be worth buying, it ought to be at least 50 percent more cost effective than its brand new counterpart. A truly quality and customer-focused copier store will be able to offer savings of up to 80 percent.

What is your experience level?

The longer a pre-owned copier store has been in business, the more confident you can be that they know their stuff, and that they engage in scrupulous and effective business practices. When looking for a used copier store, try to find one that has been open for five years, at the very least.

Do you offer repair services?

When you own a business, being able to kill two birds with one stone is highly valuable. Finding an experienced and reliable copier store that also offers effective and prompt repair services means one less quality business for you to have to go searching for.

If you are looking for an affordable, high quality and trustworthy pre-owned copier in Phoenix, AZ, then we hope you will come visit the team at Arizona Copier Outlet soon. We look forward to helping you find the equipment that meets your needs.

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