Five Ways to Avoid Frequent Copier Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ

Five Ways to Avoid Frequent Copier Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ

June 15, 2015

When the copier breaks down, the office can grind to a halt. While your local copier repair service in Phoenix, AZ will make a great effort to arrive as soon as possible, the time spent waiting for the repair to conclude can compromise productivity. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these time-consuming repair calls and keep your office humming. Here are five of them.

Do a Monday morning check

Copier repair technicians find they are most busy on Mondays. Why? It is not uncommon for a person in a rush to begin the weekend on Friday to leave paper jams and low toner warnings behind. There can be ignored error messages as well. The fact that they waited over the weekend can make problems worse—especially if an unaware employee tries to operate the copier without knowing there is an issue.

Checking for maintenance needs first thing on Monday morning means they do not linger longer than necessary and no one inflicts damage on the copier by attempting to operate it while it is compromised.

Consider paper storage

Paper jams and other problems often arise from humidity. While Arizona has a dry climate, indoor conditions can still harbor moisture. If paper shares storage with a water heater or central air conditioning system, it will absorb water in the air, which winds up deposited within the copier. That means future repairs.

Check your storage area and see if there are any humidity-producing elements in there, too. If so, find a new place to store paper.

Replace ink and toner immediately

Many workers put off changing toner until it is absolutely necessary. The problem is, the longer replacement is put off, the more wear and tear is inflicted on the printer drum, which can be costly to replace. Even if time seems squeezed and toner is the last thing you wish to deal with, change it out when the warnings start. Taking that time now means fewer expensive repairs later.

  1. Consider location

The source for the frequent visits by your copier repair service may be your copier’s location. Dramatic temperature changes affect its operation and condition. Direct sunlight, drafty windows, and air conditioners and heaters should not share space with your copier. Places with high traffic areas also bring up dust and particles that can affect performance. If you can move your copier to a place with low foot traffic away from temperature elements, you will likely enjoy better operation.

Offer basic training to employees

It is common in workplaces to emphasize operation of the copier over its maintenance. The result is many employees who know how to make copies, but understanding error messages, removing paper jams and changing ink and toner is beyond all but one or two who just happened to be appointed the copy machine experts.

Rather than make these processes an on-the-job learning experience or the expertise of just a few workers, conduct training sessions on not just the operation but also the maintenance attention a copier needs. People may scoff at the thought of more effort, but the frustration will likely drop as they solve problems quickly on their own. This training can also relieve other issues, like toner replacement being put off for too long. That often occurs because people do not know how to complete the task.

Following these tips means your copier repair service in Phoenix, AZ only needs to visit when it is time for scheduled maintenance tasks, which are less expensive than repairs. Whether you need assistance with repair, maintenance or a replacing a machine, contact Arizona Copier Outlet for all your copier needs.

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